1. How does the service work?

The process of conversion a video consists of the following steps:
  • The link is loaded and the download-link of the video file in the flv format is picked out
  • The video file is downloaded
  • Since the audio track is already available as mp3, it?s just extracted
  • Finally, the file is named appropreately and the ID3-Tags for artist and song are written automatically if possible
  • The download link for the mp3 is displayed
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2. Windows Media Player/ Player xyz doesnt play back the mp3 (/correctly).

This is because of the partly very low audioquality of YouTube videos. Best play back was experienced with the player vlc and winamp.
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3. Is the service free?

Yes, the service is completely free!
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4. Is the information of who converted what stored?

No, it won't be logged who converted what.
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5. I have further questions/suggestions/ideas/found errors, whom can I contact?

The webmaster, of course. It's best to contact us via feedback form.
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Legality – What’s allowed?

1. Important: Please read!

Unfortunately, the legal situation is not clear. I can not guarantee the accuracy of all details of the category “Legality – What’s allowed?” This is the state of my personal knowledge on this subject. I am not a lawyer and have no legal education. Should you discover any mistakes in the information given or have comments, please contact me about it as soon as possible.
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2. Why am I able to download free music?

The music, or the audio material you are able to download in general, are video recordings of big video hosting sites like youtube. Videos are uploaded by users or by the authors (be it directly or indirectly, e.g. Labels). Thus by being freely available to the public, similar to radio etc, the German copyright permits private use by recording and saving the videos. We see ourselves as service providers offering this service for everyone for free and easy to use.
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3. Is there no copyright infringed?

This question is not easy to answer. Surely, it depends on the converted materials. For materials under a free license, there is no copyright infringement. Materials, for which the author’s consent for publication on video hosting sites has been given, are currently in the grey area. There are no laws that prohibit recording this material. Where materials are published without consent, they are already offered with infringement of copyright and should be monitored and removed by the operators of these hosting sites. Unfortunately, we are not able to monitor every file for technical reasons, but will remove the respective file also from our cache if a copyright infringement is found.
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4. Is there a possibility that I’m persecuted by using the downloads you provide?

As far as I know, no course of action is taken against operators of such converting sites, much less against users, because it is a legitimate offer.
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5. How is it ensured that authors receive information about the usage?

We see no obligation to inform the author about the recordings of his/her material. Otherwise, each video recorder would have to report to the TV channels when you start a recording. The author has to be aware that by publishing his materials on video hosting sites, users can watch and record them.
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